About Us

Collective Commitments is a new social enterprise organization. We partner with organizations that share our goals and also support entrepreneurs in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

These  community organizations are also committed to  “Changing our World”  by doing work that brings the New England food environment closer to achieving two important long-term goals.

These goals are to:

1) Help New England produce 50% of the food it consumes by 2060 and,

2) Cut Maine’s Food Insecure Population by 50% by 2025.

A New England Food Vision – 2060. (50/60)This bold vision calls for the region to build the capacity to produce at least 50% of clean, fair, just, and accessible food for -all New Englanders by 2060.

The elements include:

  • healthy food for all
  • sustainable farming and fish ing amidst thriving communities
  • a tripling of land in food production
  • vibrant working waterfronts
  • healthy ecosystems
  • viable food enterprises from farm and fish to fork
  • no one going hungry!

A Maine Food Vision – In the Year 2025  7.5%. (50% reduction/2025)

This goal focuses on Maine reducing its food insecurity by 50% by 2025. This would most likely put Maine ahead of the rest of the region  with just 7.5% of the population being food insecure. Low food security means disrupted eating patterns,  reduced food intake, reduced quality of foods, and a variety of fresh and nutritious foods.