Collective Commitments - A Maine based social enterprise organization launched in 2016 by Patricia Pinto. Its membership is a group of dedicated, highly experienced former corporate executives, business owners and educators who want to make Maine a better place to live and work.

 In 2018, Ms.Pinto began her work to disrupt misnomers about aging and to focus on people's desires to age in place. In 2019, she began to serve in her role as the AARP Maine Volunteer State President.

Ms. Pinto sets a new annual plan each year for the focus of this social enterprise. 

In 2021,our team will seek to help Maine employers address labor shortages caused by the pandemic.



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Aging 2.0 - In 2021, we will continue to serve as the Brand Ambassador/Local Chapter for Aging 2.0 for the state of Maine. The organization has grown internationally and it now has 230 chapters. We were its 51st chapter in 2018. The organization focuses on identifying innovations and technologies to support the needs and desires of people as they age.

One of the Grand Challenges we will focus on in 2021 is Engagement & Purpose.

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