About Us

Collective Commitments became a 501(c)(3) in 2016. It is a social enterprise club intent on finding public service projects that benefit Mainers and are ones where our talents can make a difference. Each year, we recruit new members who can contribute to our goal that year.

We became a local chapter for Aging 2.0 in 2018 and remain one today.Aging2.0 is considered the global premier resource for networking people and linking them to a knowledge repository of technology and innovation within the global Longevity Economy.

In 2019, Ms. Pinto was appointed to serve as the AARP Volunteer State President for the state of Maine. AARP Maine has over 230,000 members. She will maintain this position until December 2021 and perhaps beyond.

AARP Maine’s Volunteer State President works in collaboration with the State Director to further the Association’s vision, mission and strategic priorities in many areas including retirement security, health care, long-term care, and age-friendly communities.


Patricia M. Pinto

Founder of Collective Commitments

Pat's 45+ years of business experience includes operating as a corporate business planning and marketing executive, an entrepreneur, a non-profit executive and an educator. In 2020, she is serving as the AARP Maine Volunteer State President, and the Maine Chapter Brand Ambassador for Aging2.0.

She is also leading the charge for Collective Commitments work to support Maine businesses to enter and Scale-Up their operations in the Longevity Economy. This mentoring support is focused on helping companies take advantage of the knowledge base and networking connections that Collective Commitments can provide into Accelerator programs in the Aging space or Longevity economy.     


Ron Dyer

Team Member of Collective Commitments

Ron’s 35+ years of public, non-profit and private sector experience has focused on assisting businesses throughout Maine with growth opportunities, product marketing and adoption of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. He has served in a leadership capacity throughout his career and is looking forward to bringing Maine businesses new opportunities through Collective Commitments efforts in the exciting and emerging aging and technology spaces.

Harrison Quidort

Team Member of Collective Commitments

Harrison is a communications major at USM. He will graduate in December 2020. He currently serves as AARP Maine’s communications intern. He has experience in social media management, event planning, and volunteer engagement.

We hope he will garner further communication skills helping us on a volunteer basis to produce social media and visually appealing documents that we plan to publish.