About Us


Collective Commitments has agreed to function as a pilot program for Women to Women serving in both a fundraising capacity for it and as a morale boaster for a class of its program participants in 2018. The intent is to create a business model that can be duplicated by other “community driven tribes” such as Collective Commitments to help Women for Women thrive and grow more easily in the future.

The idea is for a group of individuals, companies, and/or foundations, many of them with Maine connections, to fund and then support this group of women as they go through their year-long program. Specifically, after funds are raised, Collective Commitments members will provide inspirational support/act as cheerleaders for the group of Women to whom we provided financial support.

These fundraising tasks and communications with program participants that Collective Commitments is undertaking reduces the staff time by Women for Women and brings a touch of community-minded kindness.

What's Next?

Sometime in early 2018, Collective Commitments will decide if it will support a second cohort for Women for Women or devote its time and energy to supporting a Maine centered social issue. We most likely would take on another “tribe support” role to alleviate Food Insecurity in New England and Maine In particular.

Patricia M. Pinto

Co-Founder of Collective Commitments

Pat's 40+ years of business experience includes operating as a corporate business planning and marketing executive, an entrepreneur, a non-profit executive and an educator. She always strives to have fun in both her professional and personal life and is always diving into some new business venture. She is most proud of creating several new businesses connected to growing new markets and developing value-added products for Maine's lobster industry.

Pat is now in the Public Service phase of her career. She vehemently claims that she will never retire.

Moon Nguany

Co-Founder of Collective Commitments

Nyamuon Nguany Machar (Moon) is currently the Regional Coordinator for Youth Move Maine, a youth advocacy organization that helps at-risk youth find their voices and advocate for themselves.

In 2017 Nyamuon was honored with receiving the Pearl Johnson Award from NARPA, the National association for Rights Protection and Advocacy. This award is given to black leaders who have become trailblazers in the field of advocacy for the black community. Moon is a mentor, advocate and committee member in the South Sudanese community of Maine.

Moon will also be featured in an upcoming documentary this fall called Finding American.