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The Collective Commitments Tribe

 Want to Join Us?  The Collective Commitments tribe includes extraordinary individuals and entrepreneurial businesses that inherently get being kind as part of their fabric. Their primary role is to lend their thinking to shaping its direction, functioning as megaphones when they can and being kind cheerleaders.

Studies show around the world and here at home- the surest way to lift a family or community is to lift a woman. Help us to support, Women for Women International. When a woman rises, she brings her people up with her. Families rise, communities rise,and the world rises. Glennon Doyle

Local Economy, LLC

Located in Portland, Maine

“We provide accounting and payroll services. Our clients are bakers, artists, pet sitters, acupuncturists, manufacturers, fishermen, consultants, and more. They are brave people in the Portland area who decided to risk their livelihood to pursue a dream. Somewhere along the way they discovered that they needed some assistance in tax preparation, paying their employees, or just keeping track of their business transactions. We're here to help them do just that. Our clients are also our neighbors, our friends, and our livelihood. We never forget that.”

Nik Caner-Medley

Nik is a professional basketball player for Club Estudiantes – a team based in Madrid Spain. Although he currently lives in Spain his heart is in fact in Maine. Nik grew-up in Maine and went to Deering High School. He is also the owner of Cloudport – a great co-working space on India Street in Portland.

Nik is supporting Collective Commitments because he strongly advocates for people using their resources and talents to help others. He also views Collective Commitments as a “family member' of Cloudport. In addition, helping women to utilize their talents to be leaders in their own communities is a movement that he is proud to support.


Betsy Sweet
Betsy is running for Governor of Maine in 2018! Yay. Woo Hoo .www.sweetforgovernor.com

Betsy is the only viable Democrat running as a Clean Elections candidate—one of the first laws in the nation that she helped create. This means she doesn’t take any money from corporations or PACs and can receive a maximum of $100 from any individual. No big money whatsoever.

For decades, Betsy has worked to improve the lives of women, people with disabilities, survivors of abuse, victims of discrimination, and people of all races and religions. She has also fiercely fought for environmental protection for Maine. 


Dr. Dorothy Foote

In 2014, Dot was featured as one of the Top 50 People shaping the future of Maine. Dot’s interviewer begun her story this way:"She exudes competence, grace, and wisdom. She is an academic, a teacher, and an administrator. And her life’s dream is to get the teenagers of Maine through high school. All of them."

Dr. D is an incredibly intelligent, fun and kind person who is just starting to make her mark on the state of Maine. She is the mother of 3 children. She holds a PHD. in Interdisciplinary Education and Psychology from the University of Maine. It is an honor to have her as one of our early Women to Women donors.

Stephen Schuit
Steve recently returned to Maine after a 5-year stint teaching in South Korea. Steve’s background includes human resource management, international business consulting and global education. He has served on a number of non-profit boards and believes that diversity makes our communities stronger.

Brian Harris, one of the company’s co-founders, reports that roughly 30 percent of people who suffer a stroke still aren’t better by the time their insurance benefits run out. That’s where technology comes in. MedRhythms utilizes a digital platform to deliver the power of neurologic music therapy at a lower cost and without the need of an actual therapist.

Launched in 2014 by two extraordinary guys, the company has offices in Portland Maine and Boston. We welcome their thinking and kind hearts to help us deliver on our mission. 

Millions of people suffer serious movement afflictions each year brought on by health issues or accidents. MedRhythms exists to bring them back by helping patients access the highest quality of care at the intersection of music, technology, and neuroscience.


Olga Podzorov

Olga is originally from the Ukraine – she has lived in the US since 1995. She is a highly talented photographer who produces breath-taking nature photographs. A mother of two, Olga is a two time survivor of thyroid and breast cancers. Pat met Olga at the International Women’s Summit.

She is a passionate supporter of First Descents, an organization helping young cancer survivors. Olga takes their motto of “outliving it” to heart and seeking new challenging adventures and growing a family of fellow survivors.