About Us

Collective Commitments became a 501(c)(3) in 2016. We are a social enterprise club intent on finding public service projects that benefit Mainers and are ones where our talents can make a difference.

We became a local chapter for Aging 2.0 in 2018. Our goal is to bring leading edge technology, innovations and knowledge to support a variety of Maine based Aging organizations. We view Aging as an opportunity to change the world. https://www.aging2.com

As a Local Chapter, we function as an extension of the Aging2.0 HQ Global team.

Our Chapter Goals

Build local community / ecosystems of innovation– bring together innovators in the aging and senior care space, break down industry silos and educate / encourage others to work in the aging innovation industry. This goal is mainly achieved by consistent, enriching, in-person events.

Strengthen Aging2.0 worldwide– find the hottest startups from around the world, identify the most innovative providers and industry organizations, recruit more people to join the Aging2.0 network

Share innovation best practices and insights– collect data and insights from Chapter members and events, identify trends and openly share knowledge with the greater A2 community.


Patricia M. Pinto

Founder of Collective Commitments

Pat's 40+ years of business experience includes operating as a corporate business planning and marketing executive, an entrepreneur, a non-profit executive and an educator. She always strives to have fun in both her professional and personal life and is always diving into some new business venture. She is most proud of creating several new businesses connected to growing new markets and developing value-added products for Maine's lobster industry.

Pat is now in the Public Service phase of her career. She vehemently claims that she will never retire.