About Us

Collective Commitments became a 501(c)(3) in 2016. It is a social enterprise club intent on finding public service projects that benefit Mainers and are ones where our talents can make a difference. Over the past 3 years, we have worked on different projects where we thought we could add value.

We became a local chapter for Aging 2.0 in 2018. Our goal with our Aging2.0 work is to bring leading edge technology, innovations and knowledge to support a variety of Maine based Aging organizations. As a Local Chapter, we function as an extension of the Aging2.0 HQ Global team.

In 2019, Ms. Pinto was also appointed to serve as the AARP Volunteer State President for the state of Maine.

This key volunteer role is part of a venerable tradition that spans every one of AARP’s 53 state offices nationwide. In Maine, Pinto will serve as a leader and spokesperson for the hundreds of volunteers and more than 230,000 AARP members who reside in Maine.

AARP Maine’s Volunteer State President works in collaboration with the State Director to further the Association’s vision, mission and strategic priorities in many areas including retirement security, health care, long-term care, and age-friendly communities.

Our 2019 Goals

> In the role that we play at both AARP and with Aging2.0, we hope to raise awareness around the problems that are brought upon people as they age. We will be involved in pilot testing programs to specifically combat isolation and loneliness.

> We will find ways to highlight how Older Americans in their 70's - 100+ are contributing to improving the quality of life for all. We will explore holding a "Mainers Making a Difference" event at the end of 2019 or early in 2020.

> Elder Circle has been on the cutting edge of aging, aging dynamics and partnering with various types of elder communities for over 38 years. Elder Circle Advisors works with elders who desire to age in place or within Age Friendly communities or perhaps a facility that offers care support. Joe Wolfberg will lead this effort.

Elder Circle will offer families a unique caring perspective since they know how to navigate related systems.They are not financial nor health advisors. They are however an Aging resource that knows first hand what Aging is.


Patricia M. Pinto

Founder of Collective Commitments

Pat's 40+ years of business experience includes operating as a corporate business planning and marketing executive, an entrepreneur, a non-profit executive and an educator. She always strives to have fun in both her professional and personal life and is always diving into some new business venture.

Pat is now in the Public Service phase of her career. 

Joseph Wolfberg

Founder Elder Circle Inc

Joe created Elder Circle Inc. in the early 1980's when he himself was only in his forties. In 2019, he is relaunching this great concept and will work with Pat to build an incredible team to support a today vision of this concept.  Joe will chair this team which we are calling our Council of Wisdom.

Joe is also serving as an Adjunct Professor at UNE - teaching PA graduate students how to use art as a healing therapy for people with dementia.