The MAGIC acronym is one coined by Dr. Bill Thomas and his team of supporters and collaborators who are part of a one-year pilot project with the University of Southern Indiana (USI) in Evansville. They will be pioneering a new (and very old) way of living.

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Bill’s MAGIC acronym stands for: Multi-Ability, multiGenerational, Inclusive Community.

Dr. Bill Thomas is an author, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, farmer and physician whose wide-ranging work explores the terrain of human aging. His synthesis of imagination and action led the Wall Street Journal to highlight Dr. Thomas as one of the nation’s “top 10 innovators” changing the future of retirement in America and US News and World Report to name him as one of “America’s best leaders.”

MAGIC in Maine

Aging2.0 Maine’s acronym stands for: Multi Aging luminaries, multiGenerational participants, and Inclusive Communities.

Aging2.0 Maine is only a few months old. In this very short time, we are so excited to report to you that we have some great leaders in the Aging space that are about to launch several new initiatives in 2018. These efforts are noteworthy even when you look at them from a global level.

Aginig2.0 Maine is so honored to have been asked to play a role in 3 such endeavors in Maine.

This post is indeed a TEASER AD.

We cannot give you any details yet but they are all connected to moving the needle forward related to Aging in Rural Communities.  STAY TUNED.