Collective Commitments - A Maine based social enterprise organization was launched in 2016 by Patricia Pinto. In 2022, its membership will be  comprised of dedicated and highly experienced Aging Well Activists from the US and Canada.

 In 2018, Ms.Pinto began her work to disrupt misnomers about aging and to focus on people's desires to age in place. From 2019 - August 2021 she served as the AARP Maine Volunteer State President.

Also since 2018, Ms. Pinto has served as the Brand Ambassador for Aging2.0,  a global organization focused on supporting companies bringing innovative technologies into the Aging space. Her focus is on aging in place technology aids and caregiving. This work focuses on rural Maine.  

In the fall of 2022, she will be leading a team to implement demonstration projects related to the findings from the Stanford Longevity Center's 2021 New Map of Life. 




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Aging 2.0 - In 2022, we will continue to serve as the Brand Ambassador/Local Chapter for Aging 2.0 for the state of Maine. The organization has grown internationally and it now has 230 chapters. The organization focuses on identifying innovations and technologies to support the needs and desires of people as they age.

This organization is currently restructuring. Once it does, we plan to decide if we will continue in this role.

For more information about Aging2.0 events we may hold in Maine and to sign-up for our newsletter go to